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The merchandise they we provide can be payed with all the available types of payments and with:

PayPal: E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Postepay is in the name of: Maurizio Beltrami on the card n°: 4023 6004 7446 0898

Bank transfer in the name of:

Fattoria Mendoza by Beltrami Maurizio Via Giuseppe Rabboni 12/F 26100 Cremona IBAN code :




From now on you will find a brief guide with useful informations about the purchase. You just have to consult the products' catalogue, divided in categories and choose the product more suitable for your necessities. If you already know what you're looking for and if you already know "Fattoria Mendoza"'s world, you just have to pick what you want, select the quantity and put it in your Cart by clicking on "Add to Cart". In every moment you can access to your basket by clicking on "cosa c'è nel carrello" or "what's inside the basket" and change or confirm your order. If you need any help or if you have any request just write us to the following e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


These conditions are based on and conform to the principles of Quality adopted by the Firm "Fattoria Mendoza" and to the concept of Global Quality concerning the Customer - Provider relationship. So the target is not the safeguard of the Provider but the best level of collaboration between both parts, in order to satisfy the Customer. There is a deal between Customer and Provider, they both commit to respect some useful rules to preserve the Global Quality in their technical-commercial relationship.


*1.1 Except for where explicitely marked otherwise, all the products' prices published are comprehensive of IVA tax. Prices depend on the effective availability of the products and are constantly updated. "Fattoria Mendoza" has the right to modify and confirm the products' prices published on the website or on other advertisements, at the moment of the customer's order confirmation.

*1.2 The specifics and characteristics of the products published on the website are the ones given by the respective components' producers. Fattoria Mendoza doesn't take upon itself any responsibility about the truthfulness and completeness of these informations. Except for where explicitely marked otherwise manuals and softwares related to the products are in english language. The images of the products are indicative and non binding.

*1.3 products won't be lent for trials, "Fattoria Mendoza" provides detailed informations about the products and the customer is fully responsible for the choice of the requested products and of any other aspect concerning details clarified in the website.

*1.4 "Fattoria Mendoza" has the faculty to modify and adapt the products, components, technical features and information, dimensional aspect of the products and aesthetics on the base of the project's evolution, even without any advanced notice.

*1.5 Being any assembling and refinishing process handmade, also the covers, the products could present minimum differences and imperfections which characterize the finished item.


*2.1 Every purchasing order must be complete in every single part and must contain all the necessary information to identify the ordered Products. Each transmitted Product order is a contractual offer from the Customer and it will be binding only if it will be confirmed and accepted by the Customer. The dispatching of the order coincides with the confirm and acceptance of the order. *2.2 "Fattoria Mendoza" retains the right not to accept incomplete orders, not properly filled out. In case "Fattoria Mendoza" will not dispatch your order (if the ordered product is no more available), "Fattoria Mendoza" will inform the Customer as soon as possible, refunding the whole cost of the product that wasn't delivered. After being refunded, the Customer will not be able to require compensation to "Fattoria Mendoza" because the firm didn't delivered the Product because it was not available.

*2.3 The tax documentation relative to the ordered Products will be delivered in the very moment of the dispatch of the Products to the Customer. If the Customer is the owner of a VAT code and wants to receive the bill in his/her name, will have to indicate it in the order request.


*3.1 The customer is in charge of ll the costs related to the despatch of the products. Delivering is normally by carrier. In case of delivery the despatch is dependant on the customer's payment. "Fattoria Mendoza" has the right at proper incontrovertible judgement to choose one carrier from another, when opined proper. Except for where explicitly marked otherwise all the dispatches are by carriers.

*3.2 The delivery terms are referring to products already present in stock and despite being carefully valued are not binding. Delays in dispatch below 30 days don't give the customer any right to refuse the products, ask for any refund or indemnity. "Fattoria Mendoza" can modify and confirm delivery terms in relation to its effective necessities.

*3.3 "Fattoria Mendoza"  has the right to deliver the products in more successive despatches, with an unique payment for transportation costs. *3.4 Particular conditions and terms of delivery have to be previously arranged by the customer  and "Fattoria Mendoza" and accepted formally in written form by the customer.


*4.1 The possible offers or promotions, are valid while stocks last, and and subject to the real availability of the Product. The special offers cannot be accumulated. Gift products or offers may have promotional packages.

*4.2 If a special offer implies a free gift with the purchase of one or more Products, the Customer will receive the free gift only if it was clearly indicated in the order and while stocks last.

*4.3 No assistance or replacement will be provided to free gifts received bi the Customer.


*5.1 "Fattoria Mendoza" grants only for the integrity of the item at the delivery moment, every other flaw covered by  guarantee have to be denunciated from the customer between 10d days from the delivery. In case of efficiency of the guarantee the customer has right to have his product substituted but only with the returning of the damaged ones. Refund is excluded.The delivery costs are in charge of "Fattoria Mendoza" for the substitution of the products.

*5.2 "Fattoria Mendoza" doesn't give any other guarantee but the ones given by the single producers. Technical assistance and intervention in guarantee are in charge of the single producers following the terms written in the documentation attachment coming with the products. "Fattoria Mendoza" doesn't give any guarantee of the compatibility of the products with other ones used by the customer, or of the specific use of the customer of the products.

*5.3 Except the hypothetical cases in which "Fattoria Mendoza" is responsible for damages or serious guilt, if "Fattoria Mendoza's" responsibility is confirmed for the total or partial breach of orders, or other issues related to the products the responsibility of "Fattoria Mendoza"  won't be more than the cost of the products purchased by the customer that raised the contention.


*6.1 Under the close 5 of D. Lgs 22 maggio 1999 n. 185, the Customer (if qualifiable as "consumer" under the close of art.1 lett b) of D. Lgs 22 maggio 1999 n. 185) ha has the right to withdraw the contract and to return the ordered Products, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 10 (ten) working days from the receipt of the Products. *6.2 The withdrawal right has to be claimed by quoting close

*6.2, on penalty of decay, by a letter or parcel sent by recorded delivery to "Fattoria Mendoza" within 10 (ten) working days from the receipt of the Products. The claim can also be sent by e-mail or fax to "Fattoria Mendoza" but only if it will be confirmed by a letter or parcel sent by recorded delivery within 48 hours from sending the fax or e-mail.

*6.3 All the returned Products (which must be intact and sent with the original package) will have to be authorized by "Fattoria Mendoza"'s Customer Service that will issue an authorization number for the return (RMA). Once received the RMA number, the Customer will be allowed to return the Product to the following address: "Fattoria Mendoza Via Giuseppe Rabboni n°12/F - 26100 Cremona - Italia". Products sent with cash on delivery will not be accepted.

*6.4 Once received the Products (and verified their integrity) "Fattoria Mendoza" will provide, as soon as possible, to refund the Customer with the cost of the returned Products (as the bill shows), retaining the shipping payments that will always be charged to the Customer.

*6.5 The withdrawal right cannot be claimed by the Customer if the purchased Products cons is in audiovisual products or sealed computer softwares, that were opened by the Customer himself.


Considering the eventual possibility of the application of unquestionable dispositions of the laws set for the safeguard of the customer under the close of art.1lett b) of D.Lgs 22 maggio 1999 n. 185), Any controversy related to these general condition will be assigned for solution to the interested court of Cremona.

Under the close and because of the art. 1341 and 1342 of the civil code the customer declares of having accurately read and understood and to accept especially the following  provisions of the general conditions of sale of "Fattoria Mendoza": 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 3.2, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5 and 7.

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